AMP provides a proven enterprise-scale digital health and safety platform to service providers looking to modernize the way they deliver health and human performance protocols to their customers. By implementing AMP’s web and mobile applications, companies can quickly digitize their existing offerings, improve employee engagement, produce better outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

Deliver a Modern Care Experience
With AMP care pathways are digitized to efficiently guide members through their journey to a healthy lifestyle. Boost engagement and provide the modern care experience and convenience that todays consumers expect.
Virtualize Care When Necessary
Meet members where they are by delivering personalized programs directly to their mobile devices. Monitor progress remotely and maintain a personal connection with virtual visits and mobile surveys while connecting the entire care team—including affiliate providers—directly through the AMP platform even if they are not AMP subscribers.
Generate Actionable Insights
Leverage the power of all of your data to generate evidence-based, actionable insights that enable early interventions with at-risk members.
Analyze Critical Data to Drive Continuous Improvement
Aggregate and analyze patient data to ensure quality and value is being delivered by your providers and third party care team members. Benchmark patient performance to continually improve the efficacy of your protocols.

Who We Serve

Orthopedic & Physical Rehabilitation Centers

Maintain a competitive edge in an evolving marketplace that is demanding more technological advances by digitizing rehabilitation protocols, standardizing data collection and optimizing patient relations.

The US Military

Reduce injuries and recovery time to improve maximum force readiness. Provide physical rehabilitation in austere environments where in person PT is not available.

Industrial and Tactical Athletes

Protect the health and wellness of your first responders and industrial employees. Prevent injuries and return team members to work sooner, reducing workers compensation claims.

Employer Solutions Firms

Improve the health and well being of your employees whether on-site, near-site or completely virtual. Prevent physical discomfort with customized care plans delivered directly to your employee's mobile device.


"AMP's industry-leading digital health platform is the perfect solution for us as we manage the wellbeing of our members, whose jobs require them to be on top of their game day in and day out."
- Dr. Trent Nessler - Rebound Vitality President

Strategic Partners

The Latest from AMP

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In a new deal announced today, TBI Therapy will implement AMP to deliver its neuroregenerative protocols to patients suffering from traumatic brain injury.
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Longitude 6 selects AMP to Enhance Their Workplace Risk Management Ecosystem
AMP is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership today with Longitude 6, a leader in workplace injury reduction and risk management.
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