AMP is the leading technology partner for organizations looking to improve workplace health and human performance. Our total worker health platform enables a variety of service providers to identify and mitigate musculoskeletal risk, disseminate tailored injury prevention and wellness programs, document employee interventions, and analyze influential cost containment data seen in physically demanding work environments.

Clinically Proven

Originally designed to manage teams as they prepared for the Olympics and to return injured athletes to the highest levels of competition, AMP’s platform connects all stakeholders as they work towards a common performance goal. From Executives looking for risk analysis and reporting, to Athletic Trainers delivering hybrid care, and wellness and safety managers working on-site, AMP promotes a team-based, data-driven approach to worker fitness and wellbeing.
Financially Sound

AMP is a cost effective business solution that enables service providers to be proactive and predictive in their health and fitness program delivery. By prioritizing such workflows employers are reducing OSHA recordables, lowering insurance premiums, retaining workers, and increasing overall productivity amongst employees. Outfitted with real time analytics, intervention alerting, and ROI dashboards, AMP’s partners are leading the movement in preventative, quality based care.
Operationally Efficient

AMP’s technology platform centralizes, standardizes, and digitizes a service organization’s care programs, specialty specific content, and employee engagement strategies. The initiatives of various departmental stakeholders are streamlined in a single solution, facilitating communication, collaboration, and data-driven processes.
Proactively Positioned

Thriving in the new industrial health economy requires adopting a progessive approach to employee health and wellness. By engaging the workforce as athletes, leaders can reduce cost, enhance productivity and deliver optimal business performance. Service providers are implementing AMP’s technology to digitize care delivery, modernize communications, and leverage data in the management of industrial athletes to demonstrate differential value to clients.

Who We Serve

Business Consultants and Employer Service Providers

Performance directors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists preparing employees for work and keeping them fit and injury free on the job.

Insurance Companies

Risk managers, worker’s comp professionals and loss control analysts focused on preventative measures and medical spend.

Hospital and Healthcare Organizations

Practice administrators and occupational health workers delivering on-site health and wellness programs to employees in the workplace.

Wellness and Fitness Providers

Performance directors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists preparing employees for work and keeping them fit and injury free on the job.


"AMP's industry-leading digital health platform is the perfect solution for us as we manage the wellbeing of our members, whose jobs require them to be on top of their game day in and day out."
- Dr. Trent Nessler - Rebound Vitality President

Strategic Partners

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