Revolutionizing care
in the New Healthcare Economy

Empower your patients, collect outcomes and manage the entire patient journey back to health with a single mobile health solution

Clinically Proven
Content Library

Developed with leading Physical Therapists and Sport Scientists, AMP Recover builds on years of experience working with Olympic and professional athletes to deliver the most advanced patient management system ever offered. Our content library and evidence based progressions keep you at the cutting edge of care.

Enterprise Control with a
Single Solution

Designed to address the specific challenges faced by hospitals and enterprise-level clinics, AMP Recover standardizes clinical pathways across the organization and removes the headaches of multiple point solutions with a single, smart product.

Mobile Health

Set your practice apart with best-in-class mobile technology for the modern healthcare economy. Meet your patients where they are and remotely monitor program adherence with AMP Recover’s HEP’s, PROM’s and direct messaging all delivered to your patient’s mobile phone.

Top Providers are Moving to AMP Recover


“AMP Recover is changing how we manage our patients episode of care. With a constant connection to our patients we’re able to monitor progress, collect outcomes and improve the overall quality of care we deliver.”

- Luke O’Brien, VP Physical Therapy, Howard Head Sports Medicine

Keep track of patients wherever they are

With AMP Recover it's easy to track your patients progress whether they're in the clinic or at home. Monitor compliance, track outcomes and wellness scores and easily make adjustments to patient programs based on patient reported data.

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