Our Mission

To empower healthcare organizations with actionable data to improve the patient experience, produce successful outcomes and achieve their business goals. The transition from current workflows to a modern, data-driven approach does not happen overnight. Whether you're working in Prevention, Performance or Recovery our solution instills a sequence of digital pivots that result in an organizational transformation without overwhelming staff or interrupting care.

The Pathway to High Performing Care Delivery

Digitize Care Delivery

Save valuable time and resources with a single application for protocol delivery and patient management. Modernize the care experience with home exercise videos, wellness surveys and PROM’s delivered to patients’ mobile device. Real-time progress monitoring and intervention alerts keep remote rehabilitation on track

Aggregate Disparate Data

Integrate all clinical systems and data sources for a comprehensive view of the patient journey. Collect demographic, clinical, subjective and biomechanical data into a single platform, providing a clear picture of patient progress. Reduce multiple entry and disparate data stores while documenting necessary info to the EMR

Power Health Intelligence

Drive continuous improvement with real time monitoring, evidence-based decision making and outcomes benchmarking. Harness this powerful dataset for clinical studies and payer negotiation purposes. Effectively recognize at-risk patients, reduce readmission rates, and embrace evolving reimbursement models

Top Providers are Moving to AMP Recover


“AMP Recover is changing how we manage our patients episode of care. With a constant connection to our patients we’re able to monitor progress, collect outcomes and improve the overall quality of care we deliver.”

- Luke O’Brien, VP Physical Therapy, Howard Head Sports Medicine

Real-time Insights to Drive Continuous Improvement

AMP Recover’s high-performance platform modernizes the patient-provider experience, integrates data across the continuum of care and powers enterprise-grade analytics critical to success in the new healthcare economy

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