Partnering with high-performing organizations to meet the demands of the new healthcare economy—where people, process and technology are undergoing business and digital transformation

Digitize Care Delivery

Save valuable time and resources with a single application for protocol delivery and patient management

Aggregate Disparate Data

Integrate all clinical systems and data sources for a comprehensive view of the patient journey

Power Business Transformation

Drive continuous improvement with real time monitoring, evidence-based decision making and outcomes benchmarking

Top Providers are Moving to AMP Recover


“AMP Recover is changing how we manage our patients episode of care. With a constant connection to our patients we’re able to monitor progress, collect outcomes and improve the overall quality of care we deliver.”

- Luke O’Brien, VP Physical Therapy, Howard Head Sports Medicine

Real-time Insights to Drive Continuous Improvement

AMP Recover’s high-performance platform modernizes the patient-provider experience, integrates data across the continuum of care and powers enterprise-grade analytics critical to success in the new healthcare economy

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