Manage Your
Entire Patient Population
With One Application

The Complete Digital Care Solution

AMP Recover combines virtual home exercise delivery, patient reported outcome measures, remote patient monitoring and outcomes analysis in one smart, easy to use platform.

Provider Platform

Manage all patient rehabilitation in one, easy-to-use application

Onboard patients quickly and easily deliver rehab protocols directly to patient mobile devices

Drive Organizational Efficiencies

Build your own protocol library to standardize clinical pathways across the organization and ensure the highest level of care

Connect the care team and the patient throughout the episode

Communicate securely with all stakeholders to ensure continuity of care

Personalized Patient Profiles

Improve outcomes and identify at risk patients

Real-time outcomes tracking and data benchmarking enable early interventions with at-risk patients, reducing readmission rates and lowering cost

Monitor patient progress remotely

Track clinical measurements, program adherence and PROM’s to keep patient recovery on schedule

Evidence-based rehabilitation

Criteria-based phases allow you to set goals for each phase of recovery and progress patients as they are ready

Virutal Home Exercise Prescription

Boost patient engagement and increase compliance

Deliver home exercise programs directly to your patients smartphone or computer. Video tutorials ensure patients are doing their exercises correctly

Select from over 1,000 clinically proven exercises

Quickly build home exercise programs with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Easily modify patients routines when they are ready to advance to their next phase

Improve Patient Outcomes

Receive real-time feedback on patient progress. Patient notes and pain surveys provide actionable data to modify care when needed

Outcomes Analysis

Receive alerts on at-risk patients

Generate actionable intelligence to enable early interventions on at-risk patients

Benchmark patient performance

Benchmark optimal outcomes to measure patient progress throughout the episode

Manage the Performance of Your Providers

Ensure quality and value is being delivered by your providers and third-party care team members

Patient Mobile Application

Extend the Reach of the Clinic

Meet your patients where they are and digitally navigate them through provider-approved rehabilitation programs

Stay Competitive in Todays Marketplace

Deliver better, patient-centric care with the latest in mobile health technologies

Engage patients

Increase patient satisfaction with technology that patients understand and expect in today's consumer driven market

Telehealth Visits

Meet patients where they are

Easiley schedule and conduct virtual visits to assess patient progress and keep rehabilitation on track

Secure & HIPAA compliant

AMP Recover tele-health utilizes the latest in HIPAA compliant, encrypted communication to ensure the highest levels of security

Ensure Positive Outcomes

At the heart of every positive outcome is an empowered, connected care team and an engaged patient. With 90% of rehab taking place in the home, it is more important than ever to have a continuous touchpoint with your patients.

Provider Mobile Application

Access patient data anywhere

24/7 access to all of your patient data from anywhere, anytime

Get Insights on at-risk patients

Monitor at-risk patients and make modifications to care pathways directly from your mobile device

Address patient needs

Support and educate patients throughout their journey with real-time communication that drives stronger patient adherence and improves patient outcomes
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