What We Do

AMP provides organizations the digital tools necessary to prevent and treat musculoskeletal discomfort and injuries. Our provider platform and member mobile application increases engagement and drives positive outcomes. With exercise programs, wellness surveys and educational content members have access to a flexible program all in one place.


"Our goal is to provide the best patient experience possible. We see technology as playing a larger role in rehabilitation in the future and are excited to align with AMP Recover to engage patients in their recovery while collecting functional data and monitoring real-time progress."

- Mark Ryan, Rehab Coordinator for Dr. Marc Philippon
Learn How AMP Recover Benefits:

Deliver a Modern Care Experience

Easy-to-follow exercise videos delivered directly to your users mobile device, tablet or computer

Increase Engagement

In app notifications and reminders keep users on track and engaged in their care

Stay Connected

Field questions and concerns in real time through HIPAA compliant messaging

Educate Your Users

Support your users journey with educational content

Extend Your Reach

Meet your users where they are and digitally navigate them through provider-approved programs

Boost Engagement

Increase satisfaction with technology that users understand and expect in today's consumer driven market

Receive alerts on at-risk members

Generate actionable intelligence to enable early interventions

Benchmark member performance

Benchmark optimal outcomes with specific data points to measure progress

Drive Organizational Efficiencies

Digitize your care pathways to create a single provider playbook for your entire organization

Stay Competitive in Todays Marketplace

Deliver better, consumer-centric care with the latest in mobile health technologies

One Smart Solution

Consolidate all of your point solutions into a single, easy to use platform

Manage the Performance of Your Providers

Ensure quality and value is being delivered by your providers and third-party care team members
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