Revolutionizing care
in the New Healthcare Economy

AMP Recover empowers high-performing organizations to thrive in the new healthcare economy by standardizing clinical pathways, optimizing operational efficiency, and empowering patients in their own recovery to achieve better outcomes

Enterprise Level

Designed to meet the needs of hospitals and multi-clinic providers wary of implementing multiple point solutions, AMP Recover is a comprehensive platform to standardize clinical pathways and workflows across an organization, enabling consistent, collaborative care.

Extend Clinical

Every case is unique and with AMP Recover it’s easy to; manage each episode of care with remotely assigned, customized rehab protocols, monitor program adherence with real-time updates and intervention alerts and measure success with criteria-based progressions.

Empower Your

Today’s patients are demanding consumers. AMP Recover’s best-in-class mobile technology delivers daily programs, subjective questionnaires and HIPAA-compliant messaging to a patient’s device, allowing them to take an active role in their recovery wherever they are.

Top Providers are Moving to AMP Recover


“AMP Recover is changing how we manage our patients episode of care. With a constant connection to our patients we’re able to monitor progress, collect outcomes and improve the overall quality of care we deliver.”

- Luke O’Brien, VP Physical Therapy, Howard Head Sports Medicine

Keep track of patients wherever they are

With AMP Recover it's easy to track your patients progress whether they're in the clinic or at home. Monitor compliance, track outcomes and wellness scores and easily make adjustments to patient programs based on patient reported data.

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