Industrial Athlete Centers of Excellence...The New Norm In High Performing Organizations
Having spent close to thirty years in health care the things that excite me most are organizations who don’t talk about cost saving, trends etc. but who actually implement the necessary formation and/or methodology; organizations who pursue workflow excellence when state of the art technology exists; and lastly, CXO suites that pioneer transformation into dynamic growth.
Ashley Campbell from the Nashville Hip Institute discusses rehabilitation during the Covid-19 pandemic
Conversation with Ashley Campbell PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, from Nashville Hip Institute.
Dr. Trevor Turner discusses technology and self-funded employer contracts
Interview with Dr. Trevor Turner, Director of the Center for Orthobiologics at Georgia Bone & Joint, discussing the use of AMP Recover platform in non-operative treatments and direct to employer contracts.
AMP Recover Webinar: Times of Crisis are Often Catalysts for Change
Times of crisis are often catalysts for change. With respect to the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are engaging more actively with technology in general, implementing apps that enable working, learning and even socializing from home.
The Orthoshow Podcast: Physical Therapy Going Digital
It is often of crisis that new opportunities are born. Today on The Ortho Show we discover another emerging technology to help manage your patients. Guest host Dr. Scott Sigman talks with AMP recover CEO David Nichols to find out how we can help our patients remotely.
Podcast with AMP CEO David Nichols and Dr. Trevor Turner
Joining Curve Beam Connect is Dave Nichols, CEO of Amp Recover and Amp Recover user Dr. Trevor Turner, an orthopedic doctor with Georgia Bone & Joint. The two healthcare professionals discussed how the software may provide the patient with the best care possible.
Major League PT Battles Tommy John with Technology
Major League PT Tony Reale is charged with keeping players healthy throughout the season and returning them to health after injury, specifically Tommy John surgery.
The Steadman Clinic Selects AMP Recover as Digital Care Management Platform
The Steadman Clinic announced today a new partnership with AMP Recover to add mobile rehabilitation technology and outcomes analysis to their world-renowned orthopaedic care. The deployment begins with Dr. Marc Philippon and reaffirms The Steadman Clinic's ongoing commitment to providing the best patient experience and technology possible.