The Only End to End Solution to Assess, Educate and Analyze the Performance and Wellbeing of Industrial Athletes

Built with some of the best minds in Sports Science and Sports Medicine the AMP platform equips employee service providers and front-line managers with all the tools necessary to deliver programs, monitor employee progress, identify risks, and leverage data to focus their time where it truly makes a difference.

Assess Physical Capabilities & Ergonomic Risk

AMP's motion capture technology allows providers to accurately assess movement as well as provide real-time corrective feedback to employees during stretching and strengthening programs. Compatible with phones, computers, and tablets, this 3D technology identifies potential ergonomic risks early and alerts caregivers to intervention requirements.
Manage Program Delivery & Employee Wellness

AMP’s web and mobile applications digitize the creation and delivery of customized programs for individuals and job specific routines for the entire workforce. With the AMP platform service providers can deliver educational content, stretching and exercise programs, health and safety requirements, and behavioral health surveys, while communicating directly with employees through HIPAA compliant messaging.
Monitor Employee Progress, Compliance and Outcomes

Analyze employee performance data and easily customize their care pathway based on their individual needs. With a constant connection between employees and wellness teams, employers can improve employee performance while reducing costs and increasing productivity.
Document Incidents and Monitor Caseloads

AMP's incident documentation software makes it easy for care teams to capture and manage incidents on any device. Monitor case loads and drill down into data with dashboards and downloadable reports to identify patterns and make proactive interventions.
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