Powering High
Performing Care

Turn Disparate Patient Data
into Powerful Health Intelligence

AMP Recover leverages the latest in digital health technology to modernize today’s necessary patient-provider relationship. As engagement, coordination and outcomes transparency become the industry standard, AMP Recover allows providers to navigate and embrace emergent value-based care models. Our comprehensive platform institutionalizes elite rehabilitative content, robust data analytics and progress reporting to ensure success throughout the episode of care. AMP Recover streamlines workflows, standardizes protocols and promotes data-driven decision making, allowing your team to deliver continuous, connected and collaborative care.

Customized Home Exercise

Drag and drop your own custom home exercise programs from our clinically proven library of 1,000 exercises and videos. Track adherence and receive alerts for missed assignments.

Outcomes Collection

Collect and analyze patient reported outcomes, functional and wellness surveys. Follow patients progress and quickly identify gaps in patient performance to prevent re-injury and ensure positive outcomes.

Patient Mobile App

Dramatically improve adherence and motivate patients in their own recovery with a simple to use mobile application. Patients receive push notifications and reminders to complete their daily tasks.

EHR & Device Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your EHR to reduce the double entry of Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Home Exercise Programs.

Secure Communications

Respond to patients questions and concerns immediately with secure messaging. Remotely monitor patients who cannot come to the office due to severe weather or other conditions.

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Create personal dashboards and reports to track individual caregiver performance as well as overall clinical efficiency.

Patient Care

Manage all aspects of your patients episode of care with the Recover PT Platform

Remote Patient Monitoring, tracking patient adherence in real time

Customized recovery programs to fit each individuals needs

Collect Functional, Outcome & Wellness Surveys in real-time

Communicate with HIPAA secure real-time messaging

Standardize clinical pathway across with criteria-based progressions


“We use AMP to implement summer programming for 130 collegiate athletes. It is a fantastic portal to deliver precise exercise and reporting from a distance. Additionally, the ability to use AMP to keep in contact with athletes is huge. It’s a one-stop digital solution that we feel will reduce injuries and increase performance.”

- Todd Ward, Gunnison Valley Health

Put Your Patients First

Meet your patients where they are by delivering everything they need for a succesful recovery to their mobile device.

Engage Patients with personalized daily assignments

Exercise videos with instructions guide patients through their work

Notifications and in-app alerts keep patients engaged in their recovery

Outcomes & Wellness Surveys give real-time updates on patient progress

Secure messaging allows patients to reach out with questions & concerns

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