The Only End to End Solution to Assess Risk, Manage Employee Wellbeing, and Analyze Influential Cost Containment Data

Assess Physical Capabilities & Ergonomic Risk

Employers today are keenly aware of the costs associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) in the workplace. From new hires not fit for the requirements of their position, to chronic and pre-existing conditions, pain and discomfort caused by MSD’s present real risks of OSHA recordable events, missed work days, and decreased productivity. AMP Assess directs employees through a series of 6 movements capturing vital data via camera phone. Each joint receives a score related to functional impact, which are then compiled into an overall mobility score, offering actionable insights into new hire fitness, position suitability, and injury risk
Manage Program Delivery & Employee Wellness

AMP’s web and mobile applications digitize the creation and delivery of customized programming for the entire employment lifecycle, from “New Hire,” to “Retire,” including wellness routines for individuals and job specific programs for the entire workforce. With the AMP platform, service providers can deliver educational content, stretching and exercise programs, and health and safety requirements while optimizing physical and mental performance through real-time engagement.
Monitor Employee Progress, Compliance and Outcomes

AMP’s asynchronous communication and data collection tools improve efficiency and analytic capabilities throughout an organization. From risk scoring and alerts to employee outreach and requests, AMP’s enterprise grade platform delivers a continuous flow of mission critical business intelligence to optimize the performance of a workforce.
Document Incidents and Monitor Caseloads

From executives looking for risk analysis and reporting, to athletic trainers delivering hybrid care, and wellness and safety managers working on-site, AMP promotes a team-based, data-driven approach to worker fitness. AMP’s platform adapts to the workflow of all high performing organizations, and offers a seamless transition for service providers seeking to digitize and scale their existing offfferings, ultimately reducing OSHA recordables, lowering insurance premiums, and retaining workers.
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